About CAX

CAX is a web application that takes care of your accounting and taxation requirements by moving them from the offline to the online space. We are aiming to digitize the entire experience whilst not losing the human touch. Our in-house experts are available at the click of a button or just a phone call away. With our web app you don’t need to learn a new software or download any additional tools. Just upload your documents or send them offline and the rest is on us! Adequate measures have also been taken in the application and server architecture to provide a secure platform for you to provide your financial documents to us.


At CAX we come to work every day hoping to make a small but significant difference in the way people handle their accounting and taxation needs. With a strong wave of digitization sweeping our lives, your accounting and taxation methods needs to a booster dose too.

For You

  • We make it simple for you. All you need to do is, sign up and answer some questions about yourself, and we will narrow down a package that best suits your needs. No need to read feature lists and see which one is applicable to you.
  • Once you place an order, you can provide your documents online or offline. We continue to liaison with you through the entire book-keeping and tax filing process through our team of tested and vetted accounting professionals. Moreover, since CAX is a cloud-based web application, your documents are available anywhere, anytime.
  • All this, without having to learn a new software or download any additional tools.

For CA(s)

  • Come tax season, not only do you get busy but so do your accountants. But what about the bench strength through the year? Why maintain personnel when you can outsource that function to overcome periods of latency?
  • The onus to maintain quality control (i.e. proper books of accounts) is on us.
  • Multiple client accounts can be handled through one login. Making using our web-application easy and efficient to use.
  • Moreover, we do not expect you to learn a new software or tools, it’s the same medicine, only the method of disbursement has been changed.
  • The accounting files are yours to keep. We will provide you the final raw accounting files at no additional cost or hassle.
Parameters CAX Offline Methods
Your Time Pre-Set UNKNOWN
Your Documents digitized & available on cloud Physically
Simple & Convenient for you Minimal Effort High
Cloud Based Document always available on cloud N.A.
Quality Assured Returns For you Audited Inconsistent
Pre-screened accounting Professionals For You Quality Accountants Ambigious
Knowledges sharing with you very high N.A.
Help When You need it Client focus Help Un-organised & Inconsistent

Core Values

An unmistakable resolve to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This extends to not just our customers but all other stakeholders.

We back ourselves to maintain high standards despite the high pressures the tax calendar entails.

Your financial footprint is essentially your life footprint. A lot can be surmised about a person through his finances. We understand and protect your right to that privacy. We also realize that data theft and misuse is a reality in today’s digital economy and have therefore taken adequate steps right from optimizing application and server architecture to data storage.