Types of ITR Password you need to know


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We all get confused sometimes while opening the PDF downloaded/received from various government sites. There are many documents in Income Tax and TDS, which require different type of Passwords to open the PDF downloaded/received from the respective sites. One person cannot remember all types of PDF passwords because the passwords are nearly same and contains a minor change, which makes it even more confusing.

Following is the table which shows various password formats to open a password protected files of Income Tax and TDS:

Forms/ DocumentsPassword FormatExample
Form 16/16APAN number (Letters in Upper case)AAAAA1010A
Form 16BDate of Birth of Buyer (in DDMMYYYY)01012012
Form 26ASDate of Birth of Buyer (in DDMMYYYY)01012012
ITR-VPAN number (Letters in lowercase) and DOB (in DDMMYYYY)aaaaa1010a01012012
Intimation/ Order of Income TaxPAN number (and DOB (in DDMMYYYY)- in lowercaseaaaaa1010a01012012
To open TDS provisional receipt or acknowledgementTAN number in lower caseaaaa11111a
For extracting TDS certificates ZIP fileTAN in upper caseABCE12567E

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