Easy Tax Season

At CAxpert we undertake your entire year’s
accounting in a timely and efficient manner. So, come tax season, things are a breeze with us.

Easy Taxation

Accounts up-to date

You don’t need to scramble to get your books in order. We maintain our clients’ books such that they are up-to date every month.

Standards maintained

We maintain client books as per the relevant accounting standards. Every detail is looked into regularly so that advance tax calculations are seamless and there are no gaps in the numbers.

Smooth as silk

We close your books, prepare your financial statements and can even file your returns. We ensure that, with us, it is always your smoothest tax season, ever.


All our clients come to us requesting a way to legally reduce taxes to the largest extent possible. We can handhold you there as well.

The Destination

It is the journey and not the destination

Tax time is always stressful. While there are many reasons for this, the main one is that most people are scrambling to close their accounts and prepare their statements. But that is not the case with CAxpert.

The team gets the big picture

We always have an accountant and a CA working in tandem to keep your books up to date. They understand the end goal is to ensure that compliance is easy and hassle-free and it also starts with solid accounting.

Importance of financial reporting is understood

Accounting is not done in isolation. You need it for compliance and business intelligence. So, all our packages promise closing your books and providing you your trial balance, profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

We are there to match your needs

You may be with us just to ensure your books are in order. You may be here to go the full nine yards with us. In any scenario, we are here to help.

We file your taxes

We can close your books, prepare your statements and file your returns. If you are a sole proprietor who doesn’t require an audit, your returns are on us. In-case you need a tax audit, we can get it done for you through one of our empaneled CA firms.

We assist you

You may already have a CA. We will be happy to provide them your financial statements and access to your accounts so that they can file your returns for you.

Match Your Needs

Don’t worry about year-end compliance by getting CAxpert to file your taxes for you

Our tax filing plans include maximizing deductions, helping with advance tax and comprehensive tax planning. Prices below are only for tax filing

Sole Proprietorship filing

Filing business returns, no audit

Free with all plans


Filing returns for the firm, no audit

Rs. 5,000 per annual filing

All entities

Filing Returns and tax audit for Sole Proprietorship, LLP, Partnership and Private Limited Company

Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 70,000 per annual filing