You will not know where you are headed till you don’t know where you have been.

Financial reporting by CAxpert will give you perspective on what you have been up-to and where you may be headed.
Accounting Analytics

Up-to-date statements

Since we update your numbers regularly, you can request your profit and loss statement or cash flow statement at any given time and we will provide you the same

Payables and Receivables

We ensure you have data pertaining to who owes you or who you owe when you want it. This is possible through our partner apps or just an email request to us.

Year end is a breeze

Track Your Accounts

So many parameters to track your health


Balance sheet

Top expenses

Top customers

Better inventory management

Cash flow statements

Year ending financial reporting

Once the financial year has closed, we will ensure we give you a round up your financial statements.

Filing your returns

Should you wish CAxpert to manage your tax returns, we would be happy to undertake the same with the financial statements we have prepared for you.

Co-ordinating with your Chartered Accountant

If you already have a CA who will be filing your year-end taxes, we will be happy to share your statements with them and even work with them to answer any queries they may have.

Plugging the gaps

We will ensure that all gaps in your numbers are brought to your attention before year end so that we can work on the same with you.