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You can place single orders or in bulk for any plan –
  • Buy the package.
  • The plan is applicable for 365 days or as a one-time exercise, at your discretion.
  • Upload all the relevant documents, periodically, to our online safety deposit or send documents offline.
  • CAX will prepare your client’s books and provide you the RAW zip files at no additional cost.
  • For Individual HUF and Proprietorship clients we can even file the ITR after taxes have been paid and challan is provided.

Total number of days – 365 days

Points to Note –
  • Prices for each plan will only be mentioned upon login.
  • For business plans incase any customer’s no. of entries are beyond 800 a separate package can be created offline.
  • The RAW zip files containing the client’s books of accounts will be passed onto you upon request.

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