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Rs. 1999
You have chosen this package because you have
  1. You are earning income from your own business (proprietorship) (no more than 200 business transactions/journal entries), and you are also earning salary income apart from running your own business.
  2. You are a professional earning more than Rs. 50 lacs a year from salary alone.
  3. Ideal for founders of start-ups.
  • CAX will provide you online bookkeeping services whilst also filing your taxes.
  • Your complete books of accounts such as balance sheet, profit and loss statement, trial balance etc. will be generated.
  • There is no difference between this plan and the Business Silver plan in terms of business accounting services undertaken.
  • Free GST Registration
  • While determining your tax liability CAX will also provide you tax advisory services in the form of suggesting tax saving instruments you can invest in going forward and also streamlining your taxes better.
  • Your income from more than one house property will be determined with the correct tax treatment.
  • Capital gains for the year will be determined based on the documents provided by you.
  • Your estimated income and tax liability (Advance Tax due) for the ongoing financial year/next assessment year will be determined.
  • You will be able to claim any unclaimed but legally allowed Housing Rent Allowance (HRA) deductions against your income.
  • You will be able to claim any tax deductions made such as those under Section 80C which you’ve not claimed in your Form 16.
  • You may be entitled to get relief under section 89 if you have got salary in arrears or advance.
  • You will be able to call or chat with an expert from CAX between office hours Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm. You may email us for any accounting and tax related query at any time.
Your accounting and taxation will follow the steps mentioned below –
  • Buy the package – you can pay later.
  • Upload all the relevant documents to your online safety deposit (which you can access anytime) Or Send us your documents offline through courier and these will be scanned and uploaded into your online safety deposit.
  • CAX will determine your tax liability and inform you the same.
  • We will file your returns after you pay your taxes.
  • Be worry free for the rest of the year

Total number of days – 5 days from the time your documents are verified

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