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Rs. 30000
You have chosen this package because you are
  1. Any type of business entity (proprietorship, company, partnership, LLP) that
  2. A business that has no in-house accounts and would like to get your accounts maintained
  3. You have fewer than 2000 business transactions/journal entries in a month
  • CAX will provide you online book-keeping service
  • Your entire books of accounts including Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet will be prepared
  • Your raw zip/tally files will be handed over to you at no additional cost
  • You will be able to call or chat with an expert between office hours Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm.
Your book-keeping will follow the steps mentioned below –
  • Buy the package.
  • Keep uploading all the relevant documents to your online safety deposit through the next 365 days; Or;
  • Send us your documents offline through courier and these will be scanned and uploaded into your online safety deposit
  • CAX will prepare your books and organize all relevant reports
  • You can hand over your books to a CA for audit and tax filing
  • Be worry free through the year

Total number of days – 365 days or 20 days if undertaken as a one time exercise

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