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Neha Goenka

Neha Goenka

Founder – CAxpert

How our outsourced accounting services work


We will get you set up

Our team will understand your needs and your business. We will then explain how CAxpert works. We finally collect all the information from you and start maintaining your books in Tally, QuickBooks or Zoho Books, as chosen by you.


Monthly Accounting

Each month your dedicated CA and Accountant duo will gather all the data shared by you and update your books. We will even prepare calculations for GST and TDS if applicable to you.


Compliance and Reporting

We will undertake all compliances applicable to you and even report and discuss with you on how we think your numbers are shaping up and what can be done better from a compliance and business perspective

What you get with CAxpert

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Guidance and support when you need it

We combine a Chartered Accountant with a regular accountant to give you a team that can not only maintain your books cleanly but also provide you guidance on decisions related to financial administration.

Why small business owners should choose CAxpert

  • Data sharing is so easy with us. Just upload documents on our portal or even email or WhatsApp them
  • Up-to-date accounts that require only document sharing from your side. No need to worry about GST or TDS
  • We are always available on call, email or WhatsApp and will respond to any request or query within 24 hours


Crystal clear reflection of what’s going on in your business, irrespective of the package you take

Booking all your sales

Multi-channel sales? Unsure when to book an invoice? Operating in the e-commerce space? We have your back. We will guide you on what you need to share with us so that all sales are booked on time and accounted for.

Booking your purchases

You have multiple vendors who supply you raw materials or finished products. We will book payments to them and maintain their ledgers.

Booking your expenses

With your bank statements getting synced with the cloud accounting softwares, we will be able to book most of the smaller non-GST related expenses without your inputs. For the larger ones, we will request invoices and those will be booked accurately to ensure all available input tax credit is claimed.

Payment reconciliation

If you have multiple payment channels for your customers, you are doing things right! However, this also requires your accountant to ensure that payments received through multiple payment avenues or in different currencies gets booked correctly and reconciled so that no unpaid transaction is left unnoticed.

Inventory reconciliation

For all our retailer clients, big or small, we understand that inventory management can single handedly make or break your cash flows. This is especially true for the e-commerce space. Our team ensures that your books match with your physical inventory every month.

Bank reconciliation

Your bank and credit cards contain most of your business data. We ensure that nothing gets missed by undertaking bank and credit card reconciliations every month.

TDS & GST reconciliation

We manage GST and TDS for most of our clients and ensure that we keep reconciling the filings with what is actually going on in the business. This guarantees that GST & TDS payments are accurate.

Accounts receivables & payables

Business is booming but money in the bank never seems enough? A lot of working capital problems happen due to poor follow ups on payments due to you. We give you an precise updates on who owes you how much or whom you owe so that you can correct cash movements in your business.

All other regular ledgers

Have a loan account? Need to know what your total interest expense looks like for the last quarter or month? It’s your business and your data. Tell us what you need and we will send those ledgers across.


Forget about GST compliances or Income Tax stress

Forget About GST Compliances

Full support on GST

Doesn’t matter if your GST return filing is being done by you or another Chartered Accountant. We can do it for you. We can also share the working with your CA so that your GST can be filed on time, every time.

No more year ending stress

Does 31st March give you nightmares? Worry no more. With us maintaining your books routinely, you will look forward to closing your books and paying your taxes. We can even get you in touch with licensed CAs to undertake tax audits for you.

Catch-up accounting

Work may be stressful and you be falling behind in maintaining your financial data. Or maybe everything has just been disorganized? We can update your books for you so that nothing is outstanding anymore, including your GST & TDS filing.



Easy access to your accounts so that you can see what’s going on

The CAxpert way ensures that you know your numbers as much as we do. With our outsourced accounting services, you can track all transactions while you are on the go.

Track your invoices

If you need to know which invoice is outstanding or maybe send a reminder to a client, do it from your mobile.

Financial reporting

Get your profit and loss statement or visual representation of your information that makes sense while you wait to conduct business meetings or sip your morning cuppa.

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Financial Reporting

No more missed entries

We understand your need to focus on your business and not worry about being organized. With the options provided by us, you can share data at your convenience.

  • Don’t have soft copies? Take screen shots of expenses and share the same with us.
  • You can upload the documents on our portal, email them, WhatsApp them or even send us the hard copies.
  • If you are organized and already maintain your documents on the cloud, feel free to share the folder with us on Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Maintain your peace of mind by being rest assured that the CAxpert portal runs on AWS and we take great care to ensure your data stays private and secure.

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Did you know companies that are using cloud accounting exclusively are adding five times the number of clients compared to companies that don’t.