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We refine it so that it fuels your growth.

Everything provided under the support plan

Booking sales

Booking purchases

Booking expenses

Bank reconciliation

Inventory reconciliation

Payment reconciliation

Accounts payable and receivables


GST filing and reconciliation

TDS filing and reconciliation

GST, PAN, TAN Registration

Guide to proper invoicing techniques

Everything provided under the grow plan

Monthly P&L

Monthly balance sheet

Monthly cash flow statements

Calls to discuss your numbers

Plus more….

Sales forecasting

Cash flow projections

Break-even analysis

Tax planning

Unlimited CA interaction

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We take over your accounting, GST & TDS filings for your fledgling business

Rs. 4,750/m

If billed quarterly

Rs. 5,000/m if billed monthly

Upto 100 entries/m

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We undertake accounting, basic filings and provide regular snapshots of your finance

Rs. 14,250/m

If billed quarterly

Rs. 15,000/m if billed monthly

Upto 1000 entries/m

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Accounting, compliance, financial reporting and complete guidance on your numbers

Rs. 28,500/m

If billed quarterly

Rs. 30,000/m if billed monthly

Upto 2000 entries/m

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Your scope of work is large enough to require more customized solutions

Please speak with us

for special rates

We would like to understand your requirements

More than 2000 entries/m

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