Enable smooth maintenance of your books of accounts.

As a partner of Kotak Mahindra Bank we offer special discounts on our accounting & compliance services to Kotak customers

As a partner of Kotak Mahindra Bank we offer special discounts on our accounting & compliance services to Kotak customers

Indicative pricing of services based on the number of transactions in a month

Upto 100 transactions


We take over your accounting, GST & TDS filings for your fledgling business

Rs. 4,000/m

If billed annually

Rs. 5,000/m if billed monthly

Upto 100 entries/m

Upto 1000 transactions


We undertake accounting, basic filings and provide regular snapshots of your finance

Rs. 10,500/m

If billed annually

Rs. 15,000/m if billed monthly

Upto 1000 entries/m

Upto 2000 transactions


Accounting, compliance, financial reporting and complete guidance on your numbers

Rs. 22,750/m

If billed annually

Rs. 30,000/m if billed monthly

Upto 2000 entries/m

More than 2000 transactions


Your scope of work is large enough to require more customized solutions

Please speak with us

for special rates

We would like to understand your requirements

More than 2000 entries/m

We allocate a CA and accountant team to handle your books, undertake compliance and track your financials. We also undertake GST & TDS filings as a part of all our packages.


As a Kotak Mahindra Bank customer, you will get at the very least a flat 10% off on your first month’s bill. There are other larger discounts available based on your billing cycle.

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Why maintain your books with us

We want you to experience the best accounting solutions your business needs. At the end of the year we will provide you with all your financial statements including ledger, trial balance, profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

We ensure that you have 100% access to your business information anytime, anywhere

Catch Up Accounting

Catch-Up Accounting

We ensure you are up-to-date with your books when you just add this to any plan, irrespective of your joining date

Worry Free Growth

Worry Free Growth

Don’t worry about commercials as your scope increases. The pricing scales more slowly than your work

Don’t worry about your other compliances

While we are here to ease your accounting pain points, we can also help you with other financial requirements.

Business Registrations

Business Income Tax

Regulatory Compliances


Support Accounting Plan

We will maintain your books of accounts which includes all the data entry and reconciliations. GST and TDS filings are included in this package. While you can interact directly with our CA once or twice in the month, interactions with the accountant will be unlimited.

Grow Accounting Plan

As your business grows you will get all the provisions under the Support plan but we will also provide you business intelligence by delivering reports on your cash flow statement, payables, receivables and interest drains. We encourage you to interact with our CA two to three times a month.

Lead Accounting Plan

Now that you are clocking a good number of transactions every month we will ensure that your get unlimited interactions with our CA so that you can seek clarifications on growth and compliance aspects.

Enterprise Solutions

Sometimes standard solutions don’t work if your business processes are complex or the number of transactions are above average. This is perhaps where you need the maximum hand-holding in terms of your accounts and CAxpert is right with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

CAxpert does not use any proprietary accounting software. We like to believe we are curators of the best cloud accounting softwares out there so that we can get our CAs and accountants to do the real data entry and compliance work for you. You just need to share your documents with us through our portal, email or WhatsApp.

At CAxpert we are trying to really honor the importance of data entry work as a base for good compliance and business intelligence on which to base your commercial decisions. We allocate a CA and accountant duo to each client so that all regular queries and data entry happen smoothly, efficiently and regularly. We also believe that technology is a great enabler in providing this service and adopt the best technologies to provide end to end accounting solutions for our clients.

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