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Organised Books, Capable Hands

Overwhelmed by outstanding paperwork? Clued out of what’s happening with your numbers? CAxpert has your back.

From Australia to the Americas, our clients can rely on our team of CAs and Accountants to update and reconcile their books of accounts securely.

Why go online with CAxpert

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in the principles of bookkeeping never change. You need to track what comes in and goes out, frequency and reasons for this movement and what is still outstanding. Our capable Chartered Accountants and Accountants understand this and can help reconcile data to make sure everything is matched and recorded. 

Stay Connected

Prompt Action

We can update months of outstanding bookkeeping in record time.

Worry Free Growth

Always Online

Our response times with our overseas clients on WhatsApp are great. Any query gets addresses within 24 hours.

Catch Up Accounting

Block Pricing

No need to worry about hourly rates. We understand the scope and give one price.

Support When you need

Support when you need it

We understand your primary job as an entrepreneur is to focus on the business. The numbers can sometimes take a backseat. We also understand that sometimes, when the wheels come off, you need your data in order and you need it done now.

Everything on the cloud

Distance is just a number. We create a separate cloud space where data can be shared and is a 100% secure. Moreover, with chat functionalities such as Slack, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams we are available on a platform that works for you.

Diligent and detailed accounting

Outstanding payments? Overdue invoices? We have you covered. Our experts go through your paperwork with a find tooth and comb so that nothing gets missed out.

Straighten the track record

Need to borrow money? Show investors that you are a growing business. As we neaten your books, you, your lenders and investors get a better perspective.

Softwares Used

Zoho Books
SAP business One
Microsoft Teams
One Drive


Indicative pricing of services based on the number of transactions in a month

Upto 100 transactions


We take over the accounting & book-keeping for your fledgling business

USD 125/m

If billed quarterly

USD 140/m if billed monthly

Upto 1000 transactions


We undertake accounts and provide regular snapshots of your finances

USD 275/m

If billed quarterly

USD 315/m if billed monthly

Upto 2000 transactions


Accounting, financial reporting and complete guidance on your numbers

USD 450/m

If billed quarterly

USD 475/m if billed monthly

More than 2000 transactions


Your scope of work is large enough to require more customized solutions

Please Speak with us

We would like to understand your requirements


Support Accounting Plan

We will maintain your books of accounts which includes all the data entry and bank and credit card reconciliations.

Grow Accounting Plan

As your business grows you will get all the provisions under the Support plan but we will also provide you business intelligence by delivering reports on your cash flow statement, payables, receivables, interest drains and all types of reconciliations.

Lead Accounting Plan

Now that you are clocking a good number of transactions every month we will ensure that you can seek clarifications on growth aspects.

Enterprise Solutions

Sometimes standard solutions don’t work if your business processes are complex or the number of transactions are above average. This is perhaps where you need the maximum hand-holding in terms of your accounts and CAxpert is right with you.

Enterprise Solution
Get Started Today

Get started today

Speak with us to explain your problems and we will be happy to discuss how soon we can get you caught up and running.  Consultation is free, your time is not.