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We can do accounting for your clients and you can finally rely on the quality of the books to build your other services on.

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Why Partner with CAxpert

Accurate books. Time saved

No need to spend time coordinating with the end client on rectifying entries and clearing suspense accounts. We deliver clean and well-maintained books so that you can rely on these to file tax returns or make projections.

Access to books for you and your client

We encourage end to end access to you and your client so that you can check up on the books when you want and from wherever you want. We can also mutually discuss deadlines that need to be met on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Quid pro quo

We believe in nurturing all our relationships at CAxpert. While your end clients would receive better pricing through you, we will also be happy to discuss other service requirements for our other clients with you.

Our deliverables

Our responsibilities towards your clients include maintaining the books of accounts accurately, keeping a record of all source data and preparing financial statements.

Trial Balance

Profit And Loss Statement

Profit and Loss Satement

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet





How our partnership works

Get in touch

Let’s get on call to discuss the scope of work and detail your work preferences so that we can match the same.

On-board clients

We will begin to undertake book-keeping from wherever you like and keep you in the loop on all communication.

Leave the rest on us

We will undertake the book-keeping and meet any deadlines set by you. You will have access to all client data when you want it.

Partnership Works
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