Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and plans

All you need to calculate, is the volume of your transactions. The volume of transactions is arrived as:

Total number of sales + Total number of purchases + Total number of expenses

Each transaction is one entry. We are not looking at the value of the transactions but just the number of transactions. The reason we do this is because our scope of work is dictated by the number of entries we will have to take and then reconcile.

If you run a manufacturing business where you need to track your production entries and your inventory you need to let us know that separately and we will help you understand what the total number of entries will be.

Yes, you absolutely can. If you would like cancel your accounting requirement with us, all you need to do is give us one month’s notice. We will provide you your Tally files or QuickBooks or Zoho Books with no fuss and completely up-to-date.

As you grow your business, your accounting requirements may change as well. We can always review and change your plan and monthly billing to suit your evolving needs.

Absolutely not. We believe that basic compliance should not cost a fortune and all our accounting plans include GST and TDS filing for our clients.

Integrations & Softwares

No, CAxpert does not have any proprietary accounting software. We use industry standard accounting software and recommend the right one for you based on your needs. At the moment, we undertake accounting in Tally, QuickBooks and Zoho Books.

We consider ourselves to be curators of technology and are happy to undertake basic integrations or subscriptions as a part of our offering. For e.g for our client’s on Tally, we link third part mobile apps so that clients have access to their own data 24/7. Moreover, for all our clients we undertake payment for the monthly subscriptions so that client’s do not need to be bothered about this and can also enjoy the superior pricing CAxpert experiences.

CAxpert also undertakes further integrations on a case by case basis on behalf of its clients. If you business has specific needs such as those for e-commerce sellers or manufacturing businesses we will be happy to suggest solutions to bolster the efficiency or performance of your current accounting software.

Accounting services

We do not undertake payroll processing or vendor payment management. Invoicing can be undertaken at an additional cost as can inventory management.

We do undertake income tax filing for our clients. While tax filing for sole proprietors earning less than Rs 1 crore a year is included in all our plans, our audit and tax filing charges are around Rs. 25,000.

We can even coordinate financial statement preparation and other tax filing aspects with your regular CA.

We undertake your complete data entry, file your monthly and quarterly GST and TDS, undertake bank reconciliation and prepare your complete financial statements at the end of the year. We will even review your business periodically with you, to understand key performance indicators and ensure the financials and operations are in sync and that the business is headed in the right direction.

Do not worry. We understand what it’s like to be behind on your bookkeeping. We also do not believe that you need to pay through your nose for past inefficiencies. This is why we undertake ‘catch-up accounting’ as an add on service for our client’s. This is a one-time cost and will help us get your book up-to speed before undertaking your regular monthly accounting.

Accounting the CAxpert way

At CAxpert we undertake accrual method of accounting. Under this method, your payments and expenses are recorded as per the invoice data and not as per the date of payment or receipt.

We expect our clients to provide all their data by the end of the month and update all their accounts within a week of getting all data. Usually the accounts are ready between 10-15th of following month.

At CAxpert, we allocate a tag team of a fully qualified CA and an accountant to tackle your data entry and accounting requirements. On a daily basis, any query can be raised with your allocated professional and our response times vary between a few minutes to 24 hours.

We do encourage our customers to share their documents through our web platform. However, clients are also free to share documents through emails, Dropbox, Google drive or even WhatsApp.