Let us get your books up-to-date with catch-up accounting

Overwhelmed by outstanding filings? Clued out of what’s happening with your numbers? CAxpert has your back. Let our team of CAs and accountants update those accounts and get your filings up-to-date.
Catch Up Accounting

Prompt Action

We can update months of outstanding bookkeeping in record time.

Updated filings

We not only get you ready on the financials but also update any outstanding GST and TDS filings for you

Block Pricing

No need to worry about monthly or quarterly rates. We understand the scope and give one price.

Assistance when you need it

We understand your primary job as an entrepreneur is to focus on the business. The numbers can sometimes take a backseat. We also understand that sometimes, when the wheels come off, you need your data in order and you need it done now. This is where our catch-up accounting services come in.

Help with documentation

We tell you what we need and help you get organised as well. Where you may forget, we scope through your bank statements to remind you to share expense documents with us.

Diligent and detailed accounting

Outstanding TDS payments? Overdue invoices? We have you covered. Our experts go through your paperwork with a fine tooth and comb so that everything gets updated.

Straighten the track record

Need to borrow money? Show investors that you are a growing business. As we neaten your books, you, your lenders and investors get a better perspective on the business and the accounts.

Get started today

Speak with us to explain your problem and we will be happy to discuss how soon we can get you caught up and running. Consultation is free, your time is not.
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