5 Steps to Pay Taxes Online


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Guide for Online Payment of Income Tax/Advance Tax using Challan 280

Step -1 You can make an e-payment on the Department website i.e TIN-NSDL

Step -2 Select Challan 280 for making payment of Income Tax, Corporation Tax & Advance Tax.

Step -3 Enter Your Personal Information in Challan/ITNS 280

1. Applicability: In case Income Tax is levied on a Company, the option to be selected in Challan 280 is (0020)- Income Tax on Companies. In all other cases, where Income Tax is levied on Partnership Firm, LLP, Individual etc.- The option to be selected in Challan 280 is (0021) – Other than Companies.
2. PAN No. & Full Name: The Taxpayer is required to furnish the PAN No.in Challan 280 carefully as wrong PAN No. entered would lead to the tax refund being deposited on somebody else’s name. After entering the PAN No., it will automatically fetch your name as mentioned on your PAN No. Your name would appear on the confirmation screen after you click submit button.
3. Selection of Assessment Year: The Assessment year for which tax is to be paid should be carefully selected in Challan 280 as it also shows the option to pay tax for previous years as well. We’re currently on AY 2018-19
4. Type of Payment: In this option, Taxpayer is required to select the type of payment in Challan 280.

  • (100) Advance Tax: Where Tax is being paid for the same financial year on estimated income.
  • (300) Self Assessment Tax: Where Tax is being paid after the end of the Financial Year.
  • (400) Tax on Regular Assessment
  • (102) Surtax
  • (106) Tax on Distributed profit
  • (107) Tax on Distributed Income

5. Name of Bank: Mention the name of Bank through which you intent to make the online payment. Select from the dropdown list in the box.
6. Amount of Tax: It will be shown on the Bank website and not on the Challan 280. You are required to enter Income Tax amount details on Banks website.

Step -4 Once all the details have been verified by you as correct and submitted to bank, the payment can be done after login to you bank. After making payment of tax, you’ll get a tax receipt Challan 280 on the screen. Here, you’ll see details about your payment, Amount of Tax with BSR code and challan serial number.

Step -5 Enter the above challan details while filing your Income Tax Return.

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If you have already placed a work order with us and are looking to provide us the challan you can start by PAYING YOUR TAXES following the steps mentioned above. And then upload the challan after logging in and clicking on your open work order.

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